SBIR Advance Matching Grant from CTC

Maxwave has received an SBIR Advance matching award from the Wisconsin Center for Technology Commercialization. This competitive award will accelerate the commercialization of our cutting-edge wireless power-beaming technology. The funding will be instrumental in advancing our patent applications and deepening our customer discovery efforts, bringing us closer to revolutionizing the market.

NSF Phase I Award for Wireless Power Beaming 

Maxwave has received an NSF Phase I SBIR grant to develop long-range wireless power beaming technologies. Maxwave will devise this pioneering technology in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This research endeavor is tailored toward developing compact wireless power beaming technologies for seamless integration with drones, paving the way toward battery-less UAVs with perpetual flights. 

Antenna Design for Sound Devices 

Maxwave has designed an ultra-wideband antenna at VHF/UHF frequencies for Sound Devices in Wisconsin-Madison. Maxwave has completed an artistically shaped antenna that features a very broadband bandwidth from 470 to 1800 MHz suitable for the next generation of audio equipment. This antenna provides flexibility in locating open spectrum away from crowded UHF TV band. The developed antenna is supposed to have rugged durability and superb audio performance, even in the harshest, most punishing environments.

Designing Drone - Based Microwave Power Beaming Technology for Clandestine Material Detection

Maxwave has started collaborating with Clandestine Material Detection (CMD) Inc. to design and develop millimeter-wave power beaming technologies well suited for large drones. Phase I of this project explores options for a subsystem for beaming power to locations at distances ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters.  The approximate specifications of the desired subsystem are power to a load of >1 kW, mass ≤30 kg, and voltage ~20-100 kV, subject to trade-offs and optimization of the broader system.