Antennas and RF Components

Maxwave LLC designs and develops unique antennas customized for specific applications with aggressive specifications. Gigawatt-class antennas, polarization-diverse antennas, ultra-wideband, directional, and extremely low-profile antennas are just some samples of our broad range of antenna designs. Our creative antennas are uniquely tailor-made and suited for integration with back-end RF components at a broad frequency span ranging from HF-band to millimeter waves. Maxwave LLC relies upon the decade-plus experience of its specialists in designing various types of antennas including active and passive antennas, lens antennas, etc. We validate our design with full-wave EM simulations and standardized manufacturing technologies.

Vacuum Electronics

Maxwave LLC explores the favorable interaction between charged particles and Electromagnetic waves to create high-power microwave (HPM) sources. The vacuum electronic sources remain the superior technology for RF generation and amplification in applications requiring high power. Maxwave LLC investigates relatively unexplored and underexplored operating modes of traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTs). We specifically explore electrically large impulse RF signal amplification with TWTs. These operating modes are expected to offer new capabilities that are not currently available from existing VED amplifiers that making them particularly attractive for HPM applications. 

Machine Learning

In a multidisciplinary area, Maxwave LLC has initiated an innovative project, interfacing the Software Defined Radios (SDRs) with advanced deep learning algorithms to develop cognitive radios. Our advanced algorithms feature multi-criteria complementary recognition (both local and temporal), low computational complexity, and simultaneous feature extraction and classification. As a result, we will be able to offer more accuracy and faster elapsed time compared to conventional machine learning techniques. A large swath of the RF spectrum will be scanned in near real-time, and the known modulated signals will be identified in a very noisy environment. These intelligent radios offer exceptional communications resiliency and situational awareness among front-line forces in congested environments.